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Objective: Identifying insights, pain points, and opportunities for each trader segment: Analyzing data to identify crucial insights, challenges, and potential areas for improvement for each persona.

The Pro Trader Leadership team requested a comprehensive analysis to grasp the varying preferences, challenges, and trading behaviors of potential traders on the platform.

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Project Background

OKX, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange in the Asian market, aimed to expand its presence to new markets such as Europe, USA, and Latin America. To achieve this, OKX recognized the need to gain a better understanding of the local users’ requirements. The team had a hypothesis that the team needed to identify and target key influencers called KOLs and create new products for them, so they would want to engage more with the platform.

*Only disclosing publicly available information.


*Only disclosing publicly available information.


Our process focused on understanding the distinct preferences, pain points, and attitudes of the core user segments of OKX Trader platform. We initiated a comprehensive survey with a sample size of 1,500 customers, representing three main trading segments. Through this survey, we aimed to capture the core attributes and demographics of our customer base.

Following the survey, we conducted in-depth user interviews with representatives from each of the three core segments. These interviews provided us with valuable insights and allowed us to delve deeper into the motivations and needs of our customers. By conducting these interviews, we were able to gather qualitative data that complemented the quantitative findings from the survey.

Once we had collected and compiled the customer data from both the survey and the interviews, we  analyzed the information, identified common patterns, and developed a comprehensive understanding of our customers. This synthesis of data helped us create accurate and representative trading personas that encapsulate the core characteristics and behaviors of our customer segments.

We gained invaluable insights into our customers’ preferences, enabling us to tailor our services and offerings to better meet their needs. The development of these trading personas serves as a guiding framework for our decision-making processes, ensuring that our strategies align with the interests of our core user segments.

*Only disclosing publicly available information.


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