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We help purpose-driven brands and startups grow their businesses through product definition, prototyping, and growth strategy.

Strategy & Design Consultancy

What We Offer

Product Definition

We understand that the true value of a new technology may not always be obvious. That’s why our product definition services are essential. We help purpose-driven brands and startups align their products with a clear vision and create a compelling narrative. Through the power of storytelling and visual design, we bring your product to life, engage your audience, and capture attention in the market.


By considering the entire user journey, we assist you in creating products and services that not only satisfy user needs but also foster brand loyalty and set you apart from the competition.


We blend design thinking and customer insights, to craft innovative products and services. We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life and make a meaningful impact in the market.


We use trusted design principles and the latest technology to create products that are both aesthetic and functional. Our goal is to help your business thrive in the rapidly changing markets by designing products that are user-friendly, engaging, and relevant to your target audience.

Customer Testimonials

“FutureProof is a creative, empathetic and resourceful design agency. They were quick on their feet, comfortable in a variety of situations, and we established a collaborative environment in no time. Dave at the lead is a master at bringing enterprise and consumer software trends together and helping people establish new visions that stretch into the future – that’s just what he did with teams at Workday, as well as at Dr. Katz. I’m grateful to call him a friend and partner.”

Nathaniel Hundt, CEO, Dr. Katz

What We've Done

We Craft Impactful Experiences

With a strategic mindset and a keen eye for innovation, we help you uncover untapped opportunities and identify the most promising avenues for success. We bring these concepts to life through captivating visualizations, interactive prototypes, and persuasive storytelling that effectively communicates the essence and potential of your product.

Preamble AI: artificial intelligence software
Dr. Katz: enterprise mental health software

Who We Are

We are a collaborative team of talented freelancers

We are ready to embed with your team. With our agile and cost-effective approach, we consistently deliver outstanding results that rival traditional agencies at half the price. This enables us to stay competitive in a market where many companies are cutting costs. 

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Unleash the Power of Purpose

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